Mouth, Body and then Brain.

I can be quite cynical, scratch that, critical about most things.

Earlier this year I sat in the hall with my colleagues and received training on mouth, body and then brain.
The premise, when you give instructions they are given to the pupils in that order.


“You’re working with your critical partners, so you’re going to both stand-up and find your places ”

“You’re going to working with one person so the volume level should be ‘speaking to the person next to you voice'”

“And then your task is to run through the marking of the 6 mark question and be ready to argue your point.”

This is followed by a narration by the pupils.

“Abdi where are you going? Guy, what voice are you using? And Destiny what is your task?”

And finally a signal to start

“Go go go”

Remember cyna… Critical, my brain was saying

“Ere we gooooooo” (yes I’m from the Black Country)

However, as a scientist, I’m bound to try everything before I dismiss it (damn my epistemological view).

My pupils really responded well to the system and unsurprisingly low-level disruption simmered down. Where some of the disruption caused by pupils not knowing what to do?
For the last 13 years of teaching, was I being clear enough in my instructions? After this initial impact in my classroom, I’d say no.

Furthermore, it’s made me review my day to pedagogy more.

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