Thank You

I remember in my NQT year, a year 7 middle attaining pupil made a leap in her thinking and applied her knowledge of series and parallel circuits. She proposed that parallel circuits in homes would end up costing more in electricity (DM me I’ll tell you the whole story). What was even more uplifting was that she ‘hated’ science, she ‘couldn’t do’ science. 

I felt like the king of the world that day. The sunlight flooded through the blinds at the moment as if to say “Patel, you did that”. 

That same girl ended up going to university studying a science-based degree. I’m not taking the credit for that but I am still honoured to have been part of her journey. 

Teaching for me is about those amazing moments. You have the power to build those little minds into self-perpetuating machines, which drive in the direction of their choosing. You have that power.

Yes, it’s tough. I’m not going to wrap it in cotton wool, teaching is one of the hardest things you will do. But it’s worth it. 

Thank you. All of you. Thank you.

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