Leadership: Difficult Decisions 

Being a leader is not easy, not matter what anyone thinks or says it is never simple. There are times when you are tested with curveballs which stretch your leadership skills and decision-making ability. From moving staff on to making a decision on pupil exclusions.

Emotions are crucial in leadership, connecting with followers is part of leading them towards the joint vision. However, when difficult decisions need to be made, leave them outside of the office door.

Policies are in place for a reason, make sure every single policy is written to incorporate every eventuality and with reference to government guidance. This is of paramount importance, these are the inner workings of your organisation, they have to sufficiently detailed that there can be no dissonance when judgements are passed.

When you have an important meeting scheduled tomorrow, print off the policy and read it inside and out (pre-meeting) and then practice taking all emotion out of the situation. If you cannot, or are finding this difficult make you have someone present to support or pass this responsibility to another leader.

It is never personal, it’s always about the policy.

Post meeting understand those difficult decisions, although not personal, are still not easy. Moving a member of staff on is really hard, no matter how right the decision may be. It may have caused untold amounts of stress to the people suffering as a result. In school leadership, I myself to shut my eyes and think of the pupils. Realign yourself with your core purpose remember why you do what you do.

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