UK Teachers:  Reclaim your Tax £300+


This is easy, DO NOT use a third party company their cuts of 40%+ are completely unnecessary. It takes less than 30 mins.

As a teacher, I understand it, you are permitted to claim back £60 a year ‘to cover the cost of upkeep and replacement of specialist or protective clothing’; Teachers of Science this covers lab coats, aprons, etc. I’m sure lots of us also have other clothing to upkeep.

You are allowed to claim for the last 5 tax years. That means £60 x 5 years is £300 (a minimum you can claim tax relief on).


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You could also reclaim tax on fees or subscriptions you pay to professional organisations but it has to relate to your job (sorry your membership to the professional gardener’s guild isn’t going to cut it). These cannot lifetime memberships and you have to pay for them yourself.


Some common organisations,

  1. The NUT / ATL / NEU / NASUWT / NAHT / ASCL – Yes your union payments. These will add up. Either contact your union for the amount you paid or use your online banking app to find out.
  2. Royal Societies of Arts
  3. Association for Science Education (ASE)
  4. Chartered College of Teaching also fall in this bracket but I couldn’t find it on the list. (The College of Teachers is listed, is this the same organization?)
  5. For a full list go here –


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Conference, journeys to temporary places of work, trips, etc. if you are paying out of your own pocket, that means you don’t claim it back from school (like all of the above), you can claim, public transport costs, hotel accommodation if you have to stay overnight, food and drink, congestion charges and tolls, parking fees, business phone calls and printing costs. This does not cover travel to the normal workplace.


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Yes one more and this is a contentious issue, I don’t think that teacher should be buying resources for their classroom. However, teachers do. If the upkeep of your uniform and the tools you buy to replace is more than £60, keep the receipts you can claim the tax on these back. I have never done this but it’s in the process below.


  1. Go to
  2. Then fill in the following –
  3. Sign up and fill in the form. The link is called claim online. (example below)
  4. I think you will need your passport (or other ID) and your employers PAYE reference (on you p 60).


  1. Your tax code will now change – you don’t have to do this every year. If your circumstances do change i.e. you start paying more fees – you can do this via the phone.
  2. Then wait for them to come back to you.
  3. Feel awesome and if it helps pass it forward. I mean it; pass it forward do one good thing for someone else and ask them to pass it forward too.




Right Caveats this is down to my understanding, so please don’t try and sue me, if I misquote something here, remember I am not a TAX specialist/Accountant.

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  1. Chartered College of Teaching was formerly the College of Teaching so it’s eligible. I’ve just submitted mine. Thanks for the info!

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