Free FT for Students and Teachers.

This is a great opportunity for teachers and educators to get their students reading.

The FT is now offering free online subscriptions to students aged 16-19, their teachers and schools around the world.

We believe reading the FT will help in study, essay writing, exams and broadening knowledge to improve performance in interviews for university and employment. It can also support those studying English including through audio articles.

Teachers and staff can click here to register for the service, allowing them to read the FT on school premises.

They and their students can use the same link to see if their institution is already signed up and request an individual account, allowing access online and to download the app for use from home and on mobile devices. They will also receive weekly email newsletter updates.

We encourage teachers and students to follow us on Twitter @FT4S, share articles and explain the reasons you like them. You can also comment beneath articles.

We have specific articles with suggested questions and classroom discussion points picked by teachers in subjects including economicsbusiness, geography and politics. We have mapped FT articles and sample questions to the A level economics curriculum with Core. We regularly host competitions for students, including a schools economics challenge with Core to make a video. We run Young Economist of the Year with the Royal Economic Society, and other writing competitions with the Bank of England, the Political Studies Association, the Royal Geographical SocietyChatham House and the World Bank.

We welcome teacher and student advisers. You can email us at for more information and with queries and suggestions.

The articles on this page provide a selection that is useful for schools, but any student or teacher who is registered can read the full range of FT content.

Our resources include economic dashboards with graphics showing recent data from the UK economy, the USChinaJapan and Russia, and a searchable graphics hub.

As well as news, analysis and comment, you can read our explainerswatch video and listen to podcasts. You can see a collection of FT videos useful for schools on Youtube.

Once signed up, you can register here for email newsletters or tailor your own selection of articles using myFT. Download our free guide or take the tour. Browse our Lexicon of financial terms.

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