Inclusion – BSL, Deafness and Leo the Lion.

Being included is essential, seeing your self in books it necessary and being embraced for being you.
Although deaf culture is vital, I am not denigrating that at all. I want to point out that deaf people are a linguistic minority, and if everyone in our country signed using the nation’s official language life become easier for everybody.

Last week I spoke at the Solihull head teacher’s conference, where I met Mark Mitchell who told us that he was inspired to write this story after his pupils challenged him. Here is the summary:

Leo is excited… it s his BIRTHDAY! His friends are invited, the party is planned, and all he needs to do is some shopping. But buying a few party treats can prove quite tricky when what comes out of your mouth isn’t what you want it to be! Will Leo ever be able to get what he needs? Will the shopkeepers ever recover from meeting him? One thing is for certain… the party will be a ROARING success!!!

The book teaches basic sign language, and I’m always up for sharing and promoting anything that fosters inclusion. Check it out:

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