10 Things I Wish Teachers Knew: GRT

This week’s piece comes from Kerry Brennan.
1. We may be unaware of the processes, policies, procedures, politics there is a language communication barrier. O.T, ANP, EHCP is a language we don’t understand until explained.
2. We may need special support with diagnosis and provisions. There are a high number of GRT with undiagnosed SEND without the language to push for ECHP and assessments. Our pupils can be punished for bad behaviour is a sign of the underlining Issue.
3. We may not have the luxury of laptops. We can’t afford the extortionate uniform prices that we are now made to pay. Know some of us are at a financial disadvantage.

4. To have a good support network for our children we want to get on with their teachers. But we find the jump from primary to secondary scary with little support or reassurance. We need to feel our children are safe.

5. We want our children to learn about their culture with their friends at school in a positive way. We want Gypsy Roma Traveller culture in history, dance cooking, languages, and, our values in every aspect of the curricula taught this benefits everyone.

6. Many of our children have responsibilities at home that include taking care of grandparents, siblings or parents. We live in close-knit families where elders are respected and seen as the heads of the families.
7. We have a shorter life span, lowest academic outcomes at every key stage, high infant mortality rate, low attendance, and the highest exclusion rates.

8. We are often targeted by local authorities, harassed by police, face discrimination on a daily basis this has been a generational struggle for our cultural way of life to continue and progress with society.

9. Please do make your self known to GTR families, be kind, listen to them. Be aware that they may be a bit hostile at first because they are waiting for you to judge them, they are waiting to feel patronised, humiliated at not being able to read to their child every night.

10. We as parents realise the importance of education and it’s possibilities however we may have had very little to no education ourselves. We may have never been to a university, we have and had no way of getting there. We have been isolated from educational progression. Ultimately we are scared.

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