Free Resource for Supporting Pupils’ Emotional Wellbeing Part 2

This amazing resource comes from Alice N’diaye.

This is part 2: Inclusive Anxiety and Emotional

Part 1 can be found here.

I have put together a selection of over 30 picture books that children and families might find helpful at the moment.  They support the key elements of social and emotional learning and, as learning happens best when children see themselves, I have tried to be as inclusive as possible.  I have also included additional resources; songs, sketches, shorts with similar themes and aims.

The bulk of the material came from CBeebies and Sesame Street (via YouTube) which are definitely worth exploring if you haven’t before.

Please note this was created, quickly,  for use with pupils and their families for digital story-times during school closures or to support PSHE delivery at this difficult time.  I have used YouTube links to enable equity of access; I hope authors and illustrators are okay with this.  I am sure that many readers will be inspired by what they read and will buy a book or two if they can.   Any suggestions of additional books (with digital version) or resources will be gratefully received. 😊

Download the full resource with links here

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