Immunity to White Supremacy

Things that don’t make you immune to whiteness and white supremacy,

  1. Dating a person of colour.
  2. Engaging with friends of colour.
  3. Loving ethnic cuisine.
  4. Ascribing to another protected characteristic.
  5. Learning and speaking another language. 
  6. Having PoC in your family  
  7. Being a good person. 
  8. Having good intentions.
  9. Working with PoC for a charity. 
  10. Saying I’m not racist but … 
  11. Being a person of faith.
  12. Loving world music.
  13. Teaching in a school which is majority GM.
  14. Being a feminist.
  15. Having children of colour / having bi-racial children.
  16. Believing that you are beyond denial.
  17. Retweeting Black activists and theorists.
  18. Announcing your white privilege.
  19. Taking the lead on ‘decolonise the curriculum’ initiatives
  20. ‘Tolerating’ diversity
  21. Being in an academic field i.e. African Studies, etc.
  22. Putting up signs in different languages along the corridor in your establishments.
  23. Holding stand-alone themed weeks (Chinese New year, black history (for one) month (only))
  24. Forming committees to tackle racism or raise issues faced by BAME communities.
  25. Being a person of colour.
  26. Raising money for a specific charity Being a member of a specific organisation
  27. Having siblings or family of colour.
  28. My best mate is…
  29. I once went to that country.
  30. I work with/I went on a course once…I
  31. hear what you are saying, but I have never been racist
  32. I watched Roots, as a kid.
  33. Holding a particular political viewpoint.
  34. Being white and moving to a country where you are then a minority. Eg White people who have a gap year in SE Asia and claim to understand what it’s like to be a minority.
  35. Travelling, growing up in different countries.
  36. Enjoying and using fashions/textiles
  37. Receiving approval for a single/few acts of solidarity/ally-ship
  38. Wearing your hair a certain way.

All of the above attributes or actions do not provide us with a get out of jail card.

Please do add some more below.

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