Free Guidance and Resources for your Recovery Curriculum

There is a lot of talk about ‘recovery curriculums’ right now and there is a huge amount of guidance available.  Most of this revolves around social and emotional learning (SEL) and for it to be most effective as a tool to support emotional health and wellbeing it needs to be within a whole schools approach.  This ‘C19 recovery guidance for primary schools’ from MmeNdiayeUK is in PowerPoint form to enable it to be used as CPD; it aims to be accessible for those new to SEL as well as expert practitioners; enabling a secure base to be built.  It comes with some resources; further tips to effectively delivering SEL and a menu of activities allowing a flexible curriculum and ‘readjustment period’ so schools can meet the emotional needs of staff and pupils.  There is hope that this pandemic will force the education system to prioritise child welfare and wellbeing (for all) so that it is on a par with academic achievement; something that many of us have been demanding for a while!

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