Anti Racism – Commit to Change.

It’s amazing that so many of you have started to see the world through a wider lens, the support on social media is huge. As educators and members of society, this is the time, everyone who has shown their support needs to commit to change. Change in ourselves, change in our school policies and ultimately change in the lives of the young people we serve.

Commit to antiracism and commit to change.

Let’s create a wall of our names.


You’ll be added to the commit to change mailing list to keep you updated with the learning and work that comes with your commitment.


Chris Dyson – Headteacher

Sameena Choudry – Founder

Rachel Higginson – Education Consultant

Graham Andre – Teacher

Ben Woolmer – Teacher

Charlotte Owen Smith – Teaching Assistant

Stephen Kelly – Headteacher

Zena Zenonos Walker – Senior Leader

Clare Power – SENCO

I’ll update as soon as I can, 200+ people have signed up. Get on it.

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