Is this Anti White?

I can’t wait to be a father. I will raise my child and teach them about the accomplishments of those of colour; I’ll replace white achievements with later comparable sources from people of colour.

I will manipulate the books and films they consume, so all the main characters are of colour, and white ones are in supporting roles. Flipping the poles, so the white person needs rescuing or has to be endowed with special powers to feature.

Of course, in (home) schooling, I will teach about a few white people who have achieved. They’ll need to understand what they need to do in life. I will teach them that it’s about effort, and if white people work hard enough, they’ll also rise.

I will tell them to be wary of white men by educating them about the crimes that white people commit. That type 2 paedophilia is 100% white and almost exclusively male; Abroad that white people go into schools, kill their peers, etc. We learn about world religions and pointing out that all of them have been founded by people of colour.

That the US and UK, which have majority white populations, have issues with their democracies, have their leaders incite insurrections and lie to them regularly. Oh, and in the UK, indulge in corruption and don’t believe in fair tendering processes.

That when people of colour exploited and enslaved white people, it was for their betterment. Bringing religion, civilisation, medicine, law, etc. They should be grateful.

In teaching about the savagery of family war, I’ll teach that the world wars were about white royal families killing each other over cousins’ power positions.

That white people are the fastest-growing terror threat and that more white people have arrested in the UK for terrorism than any other ethnicity/race for the last three years.

Do you think this would be wrong? And the above acts are anti-white? Well, I am not telling any lies. I’ve propagated a knowledge-rich approach. Do you think it cruel? That’ll change how my children look at their white family and peers that I would be indoctrinating them, maybe even radicalising them.

Well. If we flip the narratives from white to colour and vice versa. We have a very familiar current world we live.

It is time.

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