Free Resources: Black British History. KS 2-4

BLAM (Black Learning Achievement and Mental Health) is a London-based charity. We are committed to ensuring that the Black British community is represented and appreciated. We do this by teaching African, Caribbean and Black British History at schools across London; to ensure young people are taught a curriculum that is reflective of their lived experiences. We also provide school exclusion advocates for parents.

BLAM is committed to improving the well- being and self-esteem of people of African descent globally. We work towards this aim, by discussing issues around racism, racial trauma and how it has affected black people across the world.

The other services we run includes- the Rooted Project- our Black history summer school, The Hub- our quarterly community question time style debate show.

BLAM is currently based in two schools in Lambeth running The Grounded Project, in which we teach African, Afro Caribbean and black British history sessions. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we are now running The Grounded Project online, by providing free interactive worksheets to parents on a weekly basis. Parents then send back to us completed worksheets for feedback and assessment.

Our online project is FREE. Please click the link below to access it.

It’s important for us to make our services as accessible as possible for all young people in the UK. Therefore, anyone can attend if they are interested in ensuring the history and uniqueness of African, Caribbean and Black British culture is celebrated, recognised and discussed. 



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