The Time for Challenge is NOW

Recently I have been lambasted in certain quarters because I have been pushing an agenda of equity while in the middle of a global pandemic. I have thought long and hard about this; Yes, the world is amidst a deadly virus which may kill and cause the untold suffering of millions of people. Now is not the time to choose between the virus and fairness. The impact of the crisis is already being felt by those of colour, of lower socioeconomic status, etc. 

With regards to education, I wrote about the implications of teacher bias on the calculated grades here. I am honoured to have been asked to write an education section to this rolling paper from Charity So White; it’ll be in the next update.

Please do read the report which covers:

  1. Health inequalities – BAME groups remain over-represented in the “at-risk” communities identified by the Government, which is concerning given the racialised access and treatment within the UK health system
  2. Emergency measures legislation – The lack of guidance around emergency measures, such as police powers and school closures is already leading to local variation and disproportionate impact on BAME communities
  3. Risk of destitution – BAME communities are over-represented in key worker categories, as well as over-represented in low-income groups with lower rates of homeownership
  4. Hostile environment – The hostile environment and particularly No Recourse to Public Funds is preventing
  5. migrants from accessing basic rights during the crisis
  6. Protection and Enforcement – The concern about increases in domestic violence, the rights of those currently in prison or detention, and increased attacks against East Asians

Click here for the report:

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